How to select all documents from search and send to bulk action

Jackie Aldama
3 min readApr 28, 2021

Hey all, I was recently asked what the best way was to implement a “Select All” type of functionality in the Nuxeo Web UI such that all documents returned in a search could be sent to a particular bulk action. This is actually something on the Nuxeo roadmap to be implemented officially, but meanwhile, I figured I’d show a quick workaround. Select All currently doesn’t exist because of the challenges around selecting all of the checkboxes in the results view when it is a lazily load infinite scrolling list. De-selecting specific items may also present challenges. My solution avoids the visual application of actually selecting the checkboxes and I’ve simply added a button in the UI that takes all of the results of the page provider and sends them to a Bulk Action.

Check out the git repo for selecting all documents from search and sending to a bulk action

In my example, there is very basic configuration done in Studio — mainly I have created an extremely simple Page Provider with one predicate: dc:title. I've scaffolded the search form and results layouts. The real customization comes in the results layout.

Essentially, I’ve added a few components to my search results form to accomplish everything: 1- I’ve embedded a nuxeo-operation-button at the top of my search-results tied to the Bulk.RunAction operation. 2- I've embedded a nuxeo-page-provider element in the UI which will be fed to the Bulk.RunAction operation 3- I've created a dialog that will pop-up when a user presses on the nuxeo-operation-button to confirm the bulk action and trigger it.

In my example, the nuxeo-operation-button uses a checkmark icon:

When the user presses the checkmark, a dialog will appear:

Here’s the UI source code that accomplishes this:

<nuxeo-operation-button id=”bulkRunAction” operation=”Bulk.RunAction” input=”[[nxProvider]]” notification=”All results in this search were sent to be exported to csv” event=”document-updated”></nuxeo-operation-button><div class=”action” on-tap=”_toggleDialog”>
<paper-icon-button id=”bt” icon=”icons:check”></paper-icon-button>
<nuxeo-page-provider id=”nxProvider”
headers=’{ “X-NXfetch.document”: “properties”, “X-NXtranslate.directoryEntry”: “label” }’
<nuxeo-dialog id=”dialog” on-iron-overlay-closed=”” with-backdrop>
<div class=”content”>
<h2>Export All Documents Returned From Search</h2>
<div class=”buttons”>
<paper-button dialog-dismiss=””>Cancel</paper-button>
<paper-button dialog-confirm=”” class=”primary” on-tap=”_doAction”>Export to CSV</paper-button>

So to summarize, I’m going to send all of the results of the executed search to the #bulkRunAction operation I've embedded in my search-results form. I added the nuxeo-page-provider to the UI because the Bulk.RunAction operation will take that as input. In addition to the page provider, Bulk.RunAction will accept namedParameters in its input parameters. This is how we can pass the parameters utilized to execute the search to the bulk action, such as a predicate or an aggregate selected. This is all accomplished in the doAction function I've written, which as you can see, is triggered when a user presses the confirm button in the dialog. You will also notice that I've essentially hard-coded what bulk action is going to ne executed (CSV Export). This could obviously be far more customizable.

_doAction: function() {
// hack to pull the parameters the user selected in the search-form to execute the search in the UI
var ppParams = document.querySelector(“nuxeo-app”).root.querySelector(“#drawerPanel”).querySelector(“div[slot=drawer]”).querySelector(“#drawer-pages”).querySelector(“nuxeo-search-form[name=mynewsearch]”).params;

ppParams = JSON.stringify(ppParams);
this.$.bulkRunAction.params = {
action: ‘csvExport’,
providerName: ‘MySearch’,
namedParameters: ppParams
_toggleDialog: function() {

Curious to learn more about the Bulk.RunAction operation? Check out the doc here:

Happy Coding!

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